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Welcome to my webpage Irishgrannyontherun.ie. My name is Martine and I became a grandmother to a beautiful little boy called Harry in February 2016. Becoming a grandmother for the first time made me focus on my life more than I had ever done before. It inspired me to jump out of my comfort zone, take a sabbatical from my career and embark on a two-year round the world trip. A trip where I could spend some time with Harry. A trip where I could gather wonderful stories to tell him as he grows older. Of the different people that I crossed paths with, of the wonderful and various traditions and cultures etc. that I had the pleasure of learning about on this journey. It was scary to begin with, I’ll admit. To leave all that I have ever known behind in Ireland. But one year in, it is so so worth it. I am doing things now that I could only have ever dreamed of doing. In fact, I am doing things that I never believed I was even capable of doing! For the first time in my life I learned how to scuba-dive, I’ve climbed mountains, I’ve worn flowers in my hair in San Francisco, I’ve bathed in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland, I’ve climbed the Great Wall of China, meditated with Buddhists in Laos, and have learned more about the world than I had ever known. To date, I have travelled over 100,000kms around the world. Having caught the travel bug, I have now completed my journey and have finally found a new place, a new country to call “home”. Follow my blog to see where that place is! By writing and recording my adventures in this blog, Harry will now also have a record of my journey (and any future grandchildren that i might be lucky to have). With a readership of almost 3,000 and growing, I also hope that my blog might encourage people of my age and older, to take the risk of stepping outside their comfort zone to try out something new. Older people have a lot to offer the world and we should never underestimate the contribution and wisdom that can be shared in this respect! So come join me on my journey and read about the wonderful (and not so wonderful) experiences I have had so far. Happy reading and thank you for following me! Please click on the Menu at the top of my page to follow and read my blogs (most recent on top, and less recent in the archive section) and feel free to share your comments and tips or advice with me. Enjoy! 🙏😘